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Growing up in the outback landscape of Broken Hill, I have always had a fondness for Australian wildlife and pets. Making art was also such a natural part of my childhood that I have continued this passion through to my adult life. Whilst learning and perfecting my craft, it was only natural that these two elements would collide and set me on the creative path to where I am today.

The home of wildlife & pet portraits

As a child, I always wanted to create, and growing up in the outback allowed me incredible freedom to explore and imagine. 

Painting is my happiness and to know it is to brighten the lives of those who share in my love for it.




I have a passion for wildlife, especially birds and hope to evoke wonder and delight in the simple pleasures many of us share with the natural world.

I paint in traditional and a contemporary, vintage style to explore my being,

my heart, and to never limit myself, using uplifting

colour combinations and patterns.




Pet Portraits

We treat our pets as part of the family, and even when they pass, we hold memories that last a lifetime. A beautiful sentiment that drives my passion to create pet portraits for others.

Art is the best therapy, and throughout the process, I find it incredibly fulfilling to see a painting come together. It's so rewarding to work with my commission clients and help bring their vision into reality and onto canvas.

I look forward to working with you throughout the painting process to ensure the essence of the pet portrait is captured.

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