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Nature Art

Through her nature art, Belinda shares the peace, and joy that this subject offers. 

Growing up in the outback, Belinda was influenced by the earthy tones and vibrant colours of the landscape, which sparked a lifelong passion for art to bring light and unveil her artistic voice and style.

Each painting tells a story, inviting the viewer to step into the scene and become a part of the moment.

 Equine Art

In my early years amongst the expansive outback I cherished dreams beneath the starry sky with the Milky Way narrating a celestial tale.

In those serene nights, I envisioned where my aspirations could take me, a place where my desires could manifest.

I found solace in those imaginary landscapes where tranquility could embrace me like an old friend, as I pursue art today, I recollect my desire to infuse beauty and love onto the canvas.


Each painting tells a story, inviting the viewer to step into the scene and become a part of the moment. 

Beyond The Veil.jpg

Art That Sparks Joy And Beauty Of Connection

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wildlife art

About Belinda

Hello and thank you for visiting my website. I have enjoyed sharing art with others since 2002 and started selling art consistently from 2016, with a particular focus on seascape, landscape and bird art, my aim is to capture the tranquility and  energy that these subjects evoke. 

Growing up in the outback, I was inspired by the earthy tones and vivid colors of the landscape, sparking a lifelong love for art. Each painting narrates a story, encouraging viewers to immerse themselves in the moment. From the bold strokes and rich hues in my sea and landscapes created with a palette knife and brush to the more blended illustration style for birds and animals, I strive to encapsulate the essence of each subject. 

Nature, along with my sketchbook, provides me with purpose and mental well-being, influencing my artistic expression. My artistry has evolved through practice and formal education in drawing, painting, and design. Drawing inspiration from abstract and impressionistic techniques, I infuse these qualities into my distinctive visual style for sea and landscapes. 


My creative process for this emphasizes the light, contrast and colours of the Australian terrain and sea. I embrace each  subject  allowing the artwork to guide me and organically evolve, blurring the line between intention and spontaneity, inviting viewers on a visual voyage. I am dedicated to advancing my art and the opportunity to pursue my passion professionally fills me with gratitude, and I hope my artworks bring you as much joy and sense of place as I experience in creating them.

Children's art workshops coming this July!

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