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Belinda Eldridge, SANDY CAPE, Oil on canvas 2023_edited_edited_edited.jpg



Growing up in the vibrant and vast outback, I have always had a fondness for Australian wildlife and pets. Making art was also such a natural part of my childhood that I have continued this passion through to my adult life.


Whilst learning and perfecting my craft, it was only natural that these two elements would collide and set me on the creative path to where I am today. Now living in the picturesque Perth Hills I am continually inspired to create art.


With my growing back catalogue, I am driven to paint flora and fauna, landscapes and pet portraits.


Contact me to commission you something inspired!

We treat our pets as part of the family, and even when they pass, we hold memories that last a lifetime. A beautiful sentiment that drives my passion to create pet portraits for others, and make a wonderful personalised gift for yourself, family or friends.

 I find it incredibly fulfilling to see a painting come together. It's so rewarding to work with my commission clients and help bring their vision into reality and onto canvas.

I also offer the choice between a traditional pet portrait or a ‘themed’ pet portrait if you would like something a little more unique. I look forward to working with you throughout the painting process to ensure the essence of your pet is captured on canvas.


I have a passion for flora and fauna and hope to evoke wonder and delight in the simple pleasures many of us share with the natural world.


Supporting Birdlife Conservation

Sheldon and Penny 60x50cm.jpg
Australian Landscape Galahs, Belinda Eld

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